Storby Seed is a Premier Asgrow/Dekalb dealer, serving Northern Iowa and Southern Minnesota.

We strive for supreme customer service, availability, and solid agronomic advice. We put the farmer first and want to exceed your expectations. Storby Seed was started back in 1992, so in 2017 we celebrated 25 years in business! Since the beginning we have expanded storage, added 4 soybean bulk tanks, a seed treater, added chemistry/fungicide sales, hired excellent employees and turned this into a family business.

Our team at Storby Seed is committed to providing you with the best customer service around the area that is second to none.

Responsive Customer Service


Second-to-none customer service.

Our customer service guiding principle: YOUR NEEDS COME FIRST

Whether it is:

  • following up on your sale
  • delivering seed
  • walking fields
  • when an issue arises


Our availability comes two-fold – 

First, we will always be around or a phone call/text/email away, no matter the time.

Second, we exhaust all of our resources to find the seed YOU ordered.

Experience That's on Your Side

Storby Seed was established in 1992. We have grown and changed with new advancements and implemented new technologies.

Over the last +25 years, we have compiled many lasting relationships from all across the Midwest.

Our agronomy advice comes from:

  • what we know on our farm
  • what we scout across our trade area
  • working directly with our Asgrow/Dekalb Tech Agronomist

You can rely on us to do the research to find and provide solutions that are dependable.

We will find the seed that’s right for you and your fields.



As an independent dealer, we pride ourselves in taking the time to know the farmer on a personal level.


We get to know their operation to help place the right product or trait on the right acre.


We also use our own operation as a testing ground and walk our plots daily to truly know our products best.



Future Forward

Since Storby Seed started, farming has changed; so inherently we have changed with the times.

We are a very active Climate Fieldview dealer. We complete all the data entry needed.

We host seasonal meetings for our customers to make sure they are in-the-know about news and changes. 

We also host an annual Steak Fry at our farm for our field day celebration.

Another way we like to stay connected with our customers is posting on our Storby Seed Facebook Page

While moving forward, we also stick to some of the basics of good practices for our customers. Who likes walking fields? WE DO!

We offer a scouting service for our customers and check on the condition of their fields.

I highly recommend doing business with the Storby brothers, very reliable and honest folks!

Andrea A.

Great place to do business with many services to offer customers.

Brad T.