BW BioZinc 9%

BW-BioZinc 9% is a unique formula of zinc and EDTA – a chelating agent that binds to metal ions like calcium, magnesium, and iron for optimal plant bioavailability. The mixture is designed to correct soil and plant deficiencies during adverse growing conditions. This BW Fusion product releases minerals faster than most other agricultural zinc products on the market – making it the perfect option for growers looking for quick remediation results.


  • Remediate soil nutrient deficiencies and increase the bioavailability of critical metal ions
  • Fast nutrient release into the soil


  • Correct plant nutrient deficiencies during adverse growing conditions

BW-BioZinc 9% is not only easy to handle, but it’s compatible with most other tank mixes – letting farmers deliver quick and efficient results to their crops and fields.


16-24 oz/acre


In-Furrow / 2×2 / Side-Dress / Foliar / Y-Drop