Environoc Seed Treatment

Biodyne Environoc Seed Treatment is our breakthrough microbial technology that delivers a team of all-organic, naturally occurring microbes to the soil to promote a quick, strong, and sustained germination process. We do this by optimizing the fundamental soil-plant relationship by employing the microbial community to work alongside organic acids to enhance biological enzyme production – fueling a more robust, more vigorous root mass and plant stand. With Environoc Seed Treatment added to your soil, your soil’s nitrogen, phosphorus, and iron levels soar – providing your rhizosphere with the most valuable collection of macro-nutrients possible for enhanced crop production.


  • Minimize the time it takes for seed to germinate
  • Improve germination success rates in warm, cold, or saturated soils


  • Optimize soil cycling and nutrient release in your soil’s rhizosphere
  • Enhance surfactant production for reduced surface tension
  • Maximize micronutrient production


  • Specialized degradation capabilities
  • Pesticide and Herbicide Digestion
  • Cellulose Digestion
  • Lignin Digestion
  • Polymeric Carbohydrate Digestion
  • Wax & Oil Digestion


1.5-2 oz/50 lbs of seed