BW Meltdown

BW Meltdown is the optimal, all-organic microbial team for digesting and breaking down last season’s idle crop stubble and transforming it into highly-nutritional resources for next season’s crops and soil. This powerful consortium of 100% naturally occurring microbes, organic acids, and nitrogen drives the biological processes for enhanced CO2 cycling – creating thriving soil communities that promote higher yields through micro & macronutrient cycling, germination & growth efficiency and stand optimization.


  • Minimize field preparation by reducing crop stubble
  • Reduce the wear and tear on your tillage and planting equipment
  • Nutrient value-per-acre increase of over 64% in independent research studies
  • Minimize hair-pinning in no-till operations

BW Meltdown comes tank-mix-ready for any type of crop residue, offering you the most out of your fall or spring burndown application.


32 oz/acre


Post-Harvest / Early Post-Emergence