BW Humic Fulvic 12%

BW-Humic Fulvic 12% is one of BW Fusion’s most popular planting products – combining liquid humic and fulvic acids for optimal cation uptake and absorption. Our blend of beneficial acids is a prime example of how a mineral chelator should function, bonding to macronutrients until the crop is ready for them. We specifically designed this product to buffer salts while simultaneously providing a food source for soil and plant biology. By adequately incorporating doses of BW-Humic Fulvic 12% during planting, you promote plant height, root density, and overall vigor for optimal crop production.


  • Improve nutrient-use efficiency by optimizing nutrient bioavailability
  • Build a robust soil pH buffer
  • Support microbial biomass for plant-microbe symbiosis


  • Promote vital plant metabolic processes for improved growth performance and increased yields
  • Enhance nutrient uptake and distribution through the plant
  • Improve tolerance to drought and heat

BW-Humic Fulvic 12% is suitable for all crops and comes as a liquid for easy application.


1-4 Qt/acre


2×2 / Pre-Plant / Pre-Plant Broadcast / With UAN / Side-Dress UAN / Foliar