BW HumiCal

HumiCal by BW Fusion is an essential product that keeps your soil healthy and rich in nutrients. Calcium helps promote proper plant development, and cell wall formation which ultimately provides the necessary strength for successful crops!


  • See first season results… No waiting for next year’s crop
  • Specially formulated to help improve nutrient uptake in plants, leading to increased yields and better crop quality
  • Improves crop quality and productivity


  • Immediately available to the soil and growing plants
  • BW Fusion HumiCal is water-soluble, meaning it can be applied directly to the soil without needing to undergo a biological breakdown process.

BW Fusion HumiCal is a calcium supplement specially designed to give your plants the calcium they need for healthy growth. Calcium is an essential nutrient for proper soil structure, plant wall development, and crop production, and when deficient, these aspects of plant health will suffer. BW Fusion HumiCal is a bold step towards ensuring your plants have the calcium they need to reach their full potential.


The benefits of using HumiCal are two-fold. First, it provides a soluble calcium source for plants, which is essential for disease resistance and stress tolerance; secondly, calcium is essential in the soil for soil structure, which aids in porosity and oxygen to the soil profile, benefiting root growth and soil microbes.


1-3 Gal/acre


Pre-Plant at Planting / In-season with coulter / Y-Drop Applications


HumiCal is premixed & requires no additional water