BW NTrust

BW-NTrust is one of the most efficient and effective soil amendment support products in BW-Fusion’s lineup – formulated for application with liquid nitrogen to promote soil and plant health. This unique mix of beneficial microbes, fulvic acid, boron, manganese, zinc, copper, and molybdenum consumes and releases nitrogen in plant-available forms that last throughout the growing season. While most other stabilizers kill soil and plant biology, BW-NTrust lets it thrive by using a microbial population that enhances crop vigor, increases root mass, facilitates optimal nutrient uptake, and reduces environmental plant stressors.


  • Amend soils with teeming microbial communities for nutrition and structure
  • Facilitate plant-available nutrient availability in topsoils


  • Enhance crop vigor and facilitate nutrient uptake
  • Increase root mass and reduce environmental stressors

BW-NTrust is suitable for all crops requiring nitrogen for optimal growth and production and allows growers to use various application methods.


48-64 oz/acre


Side-Dress / Early Y-Drop with UAN / Pre-Plant Broadcast Mixed with UAN


V3 – V7/V8