BW PiKSi Dust Plus

BW-PiKSi Dust Plus is a best-in-class plant stress reducer – using a beneficial potassium silica product to build robust cellular structures in any crop. After years of studies and farm trials, BW-Fusion recognized the facilitating capacity of potassium and calcium in supporting vital nutrient uptake. This one-of-a-kind product brings new solutions to old challenges – facilitating healthy growth in depleted soils and reducing the stresses of extreme weather events that suppress yields.

BW-PiKSi Dust Plus has been proven in plate counts as a phenomenal food source for other BW-Fusion biological products – making it the perfect addition to any crop or growth cycle. Independent, third-party data showed a 7-bushel yield increase at harvest when applied to soybeans with a V3 foliar application.


  • Facilitate nutrient uptake in depleted or arid soils
  • Increase soybean yields by up to 7 bushels at harvest
  • Reduce the challenges of stress events

BW-PiKSi Dust Plus is suitable for all legume crops and shows proven results when used with a foliar application as directed.


1.8 g/Gal Solution



Application – Soybeans

V3 Application