BW Synergy

Unleash your crop’s full potential with Synergy, the powerful tank mix partner that works hand in hand with CornWorX. Its unique blend of macronutrients encourages healthy root growth and aids in building a more efficient vascular system for enhanced nutrient absorption and moisture uptake – essential ingredients to get the maximum potential out of your crops!


  • Advanced tank mix partner with CornWorX
  • Provides plants with enhanced vascular support, helping them grow stronger and stay resilient.
  • Innovative blend promotes healthy nutrient and moisture absorption.
  • Synergy ensures strong and healthy foundational growth for your corn plants by providing essential macronutrients.

Introducing Synergy: A new formulation that works with CornWORX to ignite the hidden power of your crops. Unlock your fields’ full potential with this breakthrough mix partner.


1 Gal/acre


In-Furrow / As You Plant